Grow Active Users

Take the guesswork out of growth

Build cohesive digital experiences that are personalized from the get-go, effortless to adopt, and get users hooked from day one.

An image representing how Amplitude helps you understand what customer behaviors correlate to active user growth

The more you know your customer, the more likely they’ll be your customer.

Amplitude shows you precisely where users are in the customer journey—and exactly what they want—so the path from new user to engaged customer is that much shorter.

Funnel Analysis

Dig into new user drop-off and improve conversion

Visualize how users progress through a series of steps with Funnel Analysis.

  • Build custom, multistep funnels in minutes
  • Drive user expansion by uncovering friction points and improving onboarding using custom funnels
  • Identify growth opportunities for improvement and experimentation
Amplitude funnels help you identify conversion drop off
Data Tables

Report on new user acquisition in seconds

Compare user behavior to real-time metrics like marketing spend and lifetime value for quick insights into downstream conversion.

  • Understand your customer acquisition costs (CAC)
  • Dig into marketing attribution by UTM source, total visits, page views, and more
  • Analyze multiple experiment results in a single view
Data tables make it easy to view popular customer acquisition channels

Iterate to exceed customer expectations from the start

Scale experimentation to deliver seamless personalized experiences and accelerate active user growth.

  • Unite everything you need to test, analyze, and roll out core experiences in one platform
  • Test across devices to understand what matters most to users and drives key behaviors
  • Empower every team to deliver targeted experiments to accelerate learning and growth
Amplitude experiment enables users to personalize experiences to help lower customer acquisition costs

Turn your first-time adopters into power users

Compare product engagement between user groups to see exactly how campaigns, channels, and feature adoption impact your downstream metrics.

  • See your top-performing campaigns, channels, and messaging impact new user growth
  • Build lookalike audiences to find more customers interested in your product
  • Pair with experimentation to optimize user journeys with new features and messaging
Dig into different user behaviors with cohorts

Bring your entire team on board to acquire new active users


Simplify onboarding and improve product adoption by learning what users are doing and finding ways to get them to value quicker.


Build an easy-to-use product experience when you test, analyze, and optimize your features to swiftly improve your product.


Lower CAC when you connect the dots between product usage, channel performance, campaign investment, and new power users.

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“Amplitude allows the WeMoney team to see real-time information easily, better understand our customers, iterate faster, and accomplish daily tasks with more certainty. For us, it’s more than gaining new users; it’s about providing a valuable service for people struggling with personal finances.”

weMoney ceo
Dan Jovevski
Founder and CEO

Amplitude helps companies of all sizes grow their customer base

Digital product
Increase digital product adoption

Shine a light on customer behavior so you can prioritize high-impact features that make it easy for users to go from in-person channels to adopting digital experiences.

product launch
Launch successful digital products

Make your next launch successful when you use digital analytics to target new users via proven channels and can iterate on the fly to ship changes quickly with integrated experimentation and self-service analytics.

Grow market share
Grow your market share

Go deeper in your current market, acquire new audiences of users or expand into new markets and geographies.

Innovative companies choose Amplitude

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Music to Their Ears: How Leading with Data Helps Users Become Players at Fender

Learn how Fender boosted conversion by 27% using insights uncovered with Amplitude.

Digital Analytics “Aha“ Moments
Digital Analytics “Aha“ Moments

Is your digital analytics team producing and quantifying "aha" moments?

Bringing Product Insights into Marketing
Bringing Product Insights into Marketing

Leverage product insights to improve marketing campaigns.

Frequently asked questions

Product analytics drives new user growth by providing insights into user behavior. With product analytics, businesses can identify friction points, optimize onboarding, measure engagement, and enable iterative experimentation. With Amplitude, companies can understand users, make data-driven improvements, and drive effective strategies for acquiring and retaining new users.

Amplitude lets you track and measure real-time data from the entire customer journey. Our platform ingests customer data from marketing platforms, data warehouses, customer data platforms, digital channels, IoT devices, attribution vendors, and more to give you a 360-degree view of your customers.

Amplitude offers a usage-based pricing model based on your number of monthly tracked users (MTUs). Choose from three pricing plans. If you have more than 1 million MTUs, our accounts team can help you with event-based pricing that scales depending on how many events you'd like to send per month.

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